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The Bald Hairdresser

Trine Dyrholm,Pierce Brosnan,Sebastian Jessen,Molly Egelind,Paprika Steen,Kim Bodnia,Line Kruse

The bald barber takes place in Sorrento in southern Italy where the young bride and groom Astrid and Patrick keeps wedding.
The bride's mother is the beautiful cancerous hairdresser Ida - no hair on his head and just left by her husband for 25 years.
Ida's burly man and his new blonde girlfriend, who has a little difficulty with the Danish language, is also participating in the wedding with the bride's brother soldiers, characterized by an explosive temper.

Bridegroom's English father is the absent-minded businessman Philip, who each day wondering why he still lives in Denmark and not quite gotten over his wife's tragic death.

A new romantic comedy by Academy Award winner Susanne Bier.

Director: Susanne Bier
/Den skaldede frisør / The Bald Hairdresser
Danish title: Den skaldede frisør
English title: The Bald Hairdresser
Danish release: 31.12.2012
Country of origin: Denmark
Running length: 90 min
Technical data: 35mm / 1,85:1 (widescreen) / Dolby SR Digital
DirectorSusanne Bier
ScreenplayAnders Thomas Jensen, Susanne Bier
Director of photographyMorten Søborg


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