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Pierce Brosnan in ‘The House Gun’

Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is in talks to portray Pierce Brosnan‘s son the independent adaptation of Nobel Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer’s political novel The House Gun. [24 Frames]

According to an unnamed source close to the production Brosnan plays a respected architect in post-apartheid South Africa who is convinced that his son is innocent when accused of murder. According to the article:

Gordimer’s 1998 novel focuses on Harald Lingard (Brosnan) and his son, who at the start of the novel is accused of shooting and killing his housemate. The family then hires a black lawyer, in what becomes a story of morality and race in post-apartheid South Africa. The lawyer role has yet to be cast.

After turns in Joel Schumacher‘s Twelve and recently signed on to appear opposite Katie Holmes in the romantic comedy Responsible Adults, Crawford is the latest CW alumni to expand into big-screen roles. Blake Lively is following her winning, de-glammed turn in Ben Affleck‘s The Town with a role in the upcoming Green Lantern. Leighton Meester has had a bit less luck, appearing in the forgettable Gwenyth Paltrow vehicle Country Strong, but she’s co-starring in Adam Sandler‘s now-filming I Hate You, Dad, which will probably put her on the blockbuster map.

The House Gun is being produced by the same company who put out the criminally underseen 2009 Andy Garcia comedy City Island, and while no one is confirming anything, this sounds like the right kind of role for an up-and-comer like Crawford who’s looking prove his mettle in serious roles. Whether he has the chops to pull it off opposite Brosnan, however, is another story.

Do you think Chace Crawford is the right fit for this kind of film? Have you read the book it’s based on?
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Rosa Fernández Muñoz said...

Thank you very much for the news.
It seems an interesting and very dramatic roles according to our admired Pierce, develops beautifully

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