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Brosnan sweat at Frøkjær

Pierce Brosnan was sweating so much that he could wield a newspaper to cool down when he visited Cecilie Frøkjær in "Good Evening Denmark" study. See also Brosnan love with Trine Dyrholm Susanne Bier scores James Bond. "I drips - it's really hot here. I'm not emotional, I'm not nervous, I just sweat," said the Pierce Brosnan. World Star and our own Trine Dyrholm has in recent weeks been busy filming of Susanne Bier's new film. Home to the family Now the pictures are however in the box, and Pierce Brosnan to be after two months in Europe back home to family in California. "I'm going home to my beautiful wife Kelly and my boys. It's tough being away, and I've missed some events in their lives because of this movie, but I think it has been worth it, "sounded from Pierce Brosnan.
Trine Dyrholm that the film has a romance with Pierce Brosnan, will in the next week to record the last scenes of the film without the former James Bond star's presence, and it is actually a little sad.
"He's a real gentleman. We laugh a lot together and I will miss him," said the Trine Dyrholm. Watch Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm in "Good Evening Denmark" tonight at 18:20 on TV 2

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