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BEIJING, April 10 --The second trailer of Disneynature's newest big-screen documentary "Oceans" was released yesterday. It is scheduled for release on April 22nd, Earth Day 2010.

Last year Disneynature brought us the spectacular film, "Earth", on Earth Day. This year the studio releases "Oceans" presenting a chronicle of the mysterious depths in five of the world's oceans.

Narrated by Pierce Brosnan and directed by Jacques Perrin, who was the director of "Le Peuple Migrateur", "Himalaya" and "Microcosmos", and his partner Jacques Cluzaud, "Oceans" was shot at 50 different locations, and took three years to complete.

"Oceans" will awe moviegoers without 3D or IMAX and captured imagery with the newest underwater technology. Some never-before-seen imagery illustrates the wonders, informs, and gets the environmental message across about the impact of humans on the planet's oceans.

The Nature Conservancy and Disneynature's "See OCEANS, Save Oceans" campaign hopes to make waves.

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