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The former tells

How I feel now that the film is ready? ... I can not wait to run the pub for a beer ... or maybe a couple. " So Pierce Brosnan welcomes us when we meet him in the hall of a grand hotel near the Brandenburg Gate on the day when "The Man in the shadows, the thriller by Roman Polanski is presented to the sixtieth edition of the Berlinale. The always charming Brosnan does not hesitate to speak of the great missing the event, the director who is still under house arrest awaiting trial.

Pierce Brosnan in The Man in the shadows

Tell us when you heard that Polanski was arrested ...
I received an sms from a friend who lives in Germany. I was shocked, I was speechless. Suddenly I thought: "Why now? Why now? I am thirty years this man earn his shoulders. Why did they put the handcuffs now? ".

We talk about the Polanski film: how it went on the set?
I remember the first day I was ready to run, but I was a little 'tense. We had tried for so long that day on the set and stared at the clock waiting to recite my lines. But nothing happened. Roman arranged the final details, he spoke with the crew, did everything but yell "Action!". Suddenly he called me on the set, with the camera practically glued to my face. I was nervous, but it was then that I received the baptism of fire on the set of Roman. I consider myself lucky because he was there before me. Once run in, it was all for the better. He left me free, I think he saw I had been able to build the character. It was an intense experience and he wanted that I could give the best performance ever made.

Your Adam Lang has been compared to Tony Blair ...
Well, 'course it's Tony Blair! In a way I've played a rough version of former Prime Minister. But Roman also freed me: I was wondering how I would represent the dark side of this character. When I spoke with the director, he told me with great calm, "says, do not worry and let yourself go."

Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor in The Man in the shadows

Has been in those shoes, did you feel in tune with Blair?
I do not feel anything for Blair, but I think I have said yes to the war very quickly. The Americans did not want and had need of him. But he wanted to be a hero for the country and the army and has soiled his hands with blood.

Let's talk about your passion for obscure characters, who have already played in films like "The Matador," "The Tailor of Panama" ...
I love the gray areas of human beings. I've played so many good, but the best thing is when you switch to the dark side, ranging from what is visible and what is not clear in the character. I like being a bit 'dark. As for this new role, I think Lang is an arrogant person in the circumstances that ended in the film because of his stupidity. He is a man who has lost his compass, both spiritual, emotional and intellectual. In some ways the role I also remember the Greek tragedies and Shakespeare's characters: a man who once took the crown and now is facing with the choices made in the past.

Pierce Brosnan in The Man in the shadows

Just like your character, have you ever considered writing your memoirs?
Yes I have already started writing a few pages. I contacted a publishing house. I said yes because I would leave my children some memories: who I was and where I come from. I began to remember some black and white. But I hired a ghostwriter ... well 'maybe my wife!

Returning to Polanski, which of his films impressed you most?
I love all his early films. And I remember the first time I saw "Rosemary's Baby": I was a kid if the Irish almost did him in fear ....

Please note that "The man in the shadows" is currently in theaters, distributed over three hundred and fifty copies by 01 Distribution.

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