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Pierce Brosnan, a parent who is less than a friend

"Remember Me" Former James Bond plays the hateful father of Robert Pattinson's character in the romantic drama released yesterday.

Coming face to face with Pierce Brosnan, feel cradled in his soft voice and charisma wrapped in his legendary ... It's like being in a movie! At fifty-six years, the former James Bond is still great, and is more than elegant with a dark blue shirt. On the occasion of a recent trip to New York, Pierce Brosnan told us that he loves his job, which feels a renewed appetite.

In fact, this year seems indefatigable. After the film Percy Jackson and the lightning Thief and The Ghost Writer, by Roman Polanski, presented at the Berlin Film Festival, we see a new Pierce on the screen, this time Remember, he plays the father of Robert Pattinson. Is it the passage of a seductive kind of film to another?

How does it feel to play the father of one of the new sex symbols of American cinema?

From the first moment, Remember the story I found beautiful and ambitious, a love story of our century, a delicate portrait of many people who have lost others: my character, a son of Robert Pattinson, a brother and the character of the young Emilie de Ravin, a mother ... Like many people, I have lost a loved one (his first wife, actress Cassandra Harris, died of cancer.) First of all, I myself am a parent (he has five children, two of his current wife, another of his first wife, and both her children, whom he adopted). At my age, I do not feel the pressure to make trouser roles for young girls (laughs). However, as I know all the possibilities and limits of the genre, having already passed through the clouds of journalists and illusion that comes with fame, I have a link to Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson "he raises a feeling of protection?

The clarity of the current young actors is admirable. Robert knows that fame is something enormous that all the fuss ends up evaporating. To be an actor have to be strong and very resistant. It belongs to a profession that can be very cruel. But Robert, who has only twenty-three, but already is aware of this aspect of the trade, knows he has to anticipate the consequences of the phenomenon of Twilight. That is the reason why co-produced Remember, to regain control of his life to ensure his career. Is remarkable. Robert is a very intelligent young man and I love him very much. We became friends, and I love working with him.

Was it to regain control of their destiny after James Bond who created his own film production company, Irish Dream Time?

Of course. We have produced about eight movies, some of which I really love, such as The Thomas Crown Affair and The Matador, I starred in. They are honest and very funny film, and also realistic and romantic. "

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