We met Pierce Brosnan

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MADRID, 3 Sep. (IRIN) -    The age is not at odds with elegance and class. And if you do not tell that to Pierce Brosnan who has returned to shine on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival as the sexiest man of the night.     At fifty-nine years, the Irish actor has retained the beauty and elegance that every year will do just earned the first set in the list of the sexiest men on the planet.     Brosnan is the image of the most attractive maturity. Elegant above all is the perfect 'English gentelman'. Featuring a nearly perfect anatomy has known Irish maturing like fine wine, getting over the years to further increase its natural appeal.    007 The former carried his maturity and elegance with impeccable black tuxedo with glitter and tie, becoming the center of attention and imposing young and not so young in venetian night.     No doubt Brosnan its nearly sixty years, is still one of the sexiest men.

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