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Love Is All You Need premieres

Venice International Film FestivalPierce Brosnan

Sunday September 2, the film from Denmark/Sweden “Love Is All You Need” premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. The film is directed by Susanne Bier and stars Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm and Kim Bodnia. “Love Is All You Need” is being featured in the “out of competition” category.

In “Love Is All You Need,” two very different families meet in a beautiful, old Italian villa, in the middle of a lemon grove. The occasion is a romantic wedding, meticulously planned to the smallest detail. Of course, nothing goes according to plan and yet everything works out in the end.

View slideshow: "Love Is All You Need" red carpet premiere at the Venice International Film Festival.In the 69th edition of the International Film Festival of Venice, but out of competition, Irish actor Pierce Brosnan presented on Sunday his latest film, "Love Is All You Need," which tells a story of love and overcoming of an already mature couple.

The film, which follows the same spirit of Mediterranean bliss of "Mamma Mia" (2008), in which Brosnan plays the character Sam, counts toward the Danish Susanne Bier, winner of the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Picture speech not English in 2011 as "In A Better World".

"I think there are some similarities between this movie and 'Mamma Mia'. Both speak of love, family and marriage. But this film has a much more realistic aspect. Speaks much of our time," the Irish actor in press conference of presentation of the film in Venice.

In this new feature, the former agent 007, 59, plays Philip, a businessman widower who runs a company in Copenhagen and see your life change after meeting the family of his future son during the wedding even in southern Italy.

Philip, who is still suffering the sudden loss of his wife in an accident, ends up being surprised to know the mother of his daughter, who, in turn, also arrives at the wedding of his daughter in a complicated time of marriage. Performed by Danish actress Trine Dyrholm, character, called Ida, still fighting cancer. "If you read the script, that's enough. Enchants If the words of the character and begins to let the character come to you. Has a connection with my personal life. Did I miss a woman cancer patient - his first wife, Cassandra Harris - a man and I know how it feels to lose a woman so tragic, "said Brosnan.

"I'm halfway through my life and Philip (his character) is also in the middle of his life. There are many aspects that made me feel attracted to the character, which I can relate," added the actor, who explained that for him the film also speaks "of hope, faith and trust" between a father and a son.

The plot is mainly acclimated in a village of the Italian peninsula of Sorrento, perfect setting for Philip and Ida. To give an even greater atmosphere of romance, the soundtrack features popular Italian songs, perfect for legitimizing this love Mediterranean.

"This character is a challenge, since I've never done a comedy before. Much drama and I made this woman smiling, body and soul alive and very feminine was a different thing from the point of view of my interpretation. Was a challenge.'s A character very beautiful, "said Danish actress.

"Pierce Brosnan is very charming, bright and fun. Was nervous to meet him. After all, he is a star. But from the first test, he took me by the hand, looked me in the eyes and recited. This relaxed me completely. Then set all women were enchanted by it, "said Trine.

Already a director Susanne Bier, who reverts to Trine as its protagonist, the film points out that, despite involving a fight against cancer, it is still a comedy. "From the beginning we agreed to do a comedy. But, as we talk about cancer, we thought it best to treat it lightly. More of a comedy as such, would say it's a love story with a very strong comic vein "noted filmmaker.

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