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Pierce Brosnan on his James Bond

Pierce Brosnan on his James Bond movies: 'I just don't find any comfort in watching them'Pierce Brosnan doesn't mind leaving the James Bond-watching to his sons these days."I never go near them," the actor tells Zap2it about his four rounds as Agent 007 that began with "GoldenEye" (1995) and ended with "Die Another Day" (2002). "I'm badly criticized by my boys that I will not sit and watch them with them, but I just don't have any desire to see them. I find no nourishment in them."At the same time, Brosnan maintains he's "deeply proud" of the work he did as the Bond predecessor to Daniel Craig, who will mark the movie franchise's 50th anniversary in "Skyfall" next year. "I just don't find any comfort in watching them. I'll cast my eye over them, but I have to move away and say, 'Go ahead, boys. It's all yours.'"

Almost 20 years after he last did television, Brosnan returns to the home screen in the A&E thriller "Stephen King's Bag of Bones" Sunday and Monday, Dec. 11 and 12. The former "Remington Steele" star also is partnered with producer Shawn Ryan ("The Shield") and Sony Pictures Television in developing a series about a globetrotting sleuth."I've always enjoyed TV," says the Irish-born Brosnan, who counts "Mamma Mia!" and the Roman Polanski-directed "The Ghost Writer" among his other feature films of recent years. "If the material is well-written and you have a fantastic director and crew, it is just a joy. You're in constant motion and you're making decisions rapidly. If you've got good players, you're just always inventing and thinking on your feet."Sometimes in the world of movies, they go at a snail's pace, and there's room for second-guessing. You even feel your performance slipping away through the cracks sometimes, just walking from the trailer to the set, because it takes so darn long. I like to work fast. Get on with it, and don't be self-indulgent ... just do it."

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