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Pierce Brosnan filmed in Puerto Rico

Pierce Brosnan filmed in Puerto Rico "Spy vs. Stu" from February
The new film by Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, the action comedy Spy vs.. Stu will be shot in Puerto Rico from next February, said today in a statement the Film Corporation of the Caribbean island.
The film is directed by Howard Deutch, was filmed in Puerto Rico by the diversity of scenarios and tax incentives offered by the island to film productions.
The film, which has a budget of $ 20 million, is expected to generate 200 local jobs and more than 6 thousand nights of hotel, an important contribution to the weakened economy of Puerto Rico.
"Negotiations with the producers began during the Cannes Film Festival and recently materialized in Los Angeles. We are very pleased that this is the movie film activity begins next year," said Mariella Perez Serrano, Executive Director of the Corporation Movies.

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