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Brosnan didn’t like Bond film

April 25, 2010
Pierce Brosnan had tired of movie superspy James Bond during the making of his second 007 adventure, Tomorrow Never Dies, and now reveals promoting the film was difficult - because he didn't like it.The suave star, who played Bond in four films, admits he had a great time shooting GoldenEye, but knew the follow-up wasn't as good.He tells Venice magazine, "I remember starting the first day on that film in an aircraft, flying a jet... and it was 102 degrees, and I'm wearing a helmet and sweater, and then I'm being strangled over and over again, and I thought, 'Oh my God, this bloody character is going to kill me.'"The press tour for that film was 22 countries. When I did it I knew the movie wasn't up to speed; it wasn't as good as GoldenEye and you have to bang the drum loudly to get the attention."Brosnan came to the end of his run as 007 after 2002's Die Another Day. He was replaced by British actor Daniel Craig.Looking back, the Irishman admits he always struggled as the movie spy: "I never felt that I really nailed it."


Anonymous said...

Pierce Brosnan i such a nice guy , i have met him once and he was so freindly , he sign a photo for me and we took a picture together.
I ask him how are you?
And he answer me i am trying to relax and to spent time with my family as much as possible but first is the job.
He asked my name and where i am from.
Then we greet and he let. That was the best day in my life. He was very beautiful and natural too.

Brosnan`s Fans said...

Thanks for Comment
The http://piercebrosnan-greek-fans.blogspot.com met Pierce Brosnan for second time (the first one was in Lagonisi for the mamma mia promotion in 2008)see http://piercebrosnan-greek-fans.blogspot.com/search/label/Fans

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