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Brosnan Campaigns To Save Whales

Versatile actor Pierce Brosnan has urged the people to appeal the government to put a ban on whale hunting all around the world.The bond star who has recently narrated a new Disney nature documentary called ‘Oceans’ which explores the life existing beneath the sea has urged the officials to adopt no tolerance policy.The Irish actor quoted, "They (US government) seem to be in favour of allowing Japan and Norway to go out and hunt whales again. It means they can go out there and start killing whales. It's in moratorium so it's not determined how many they can kill.”He added, "Normally, there's no justification for killing these creatures. Scientifically, there's no justification. So if you want to do something about stopping the possible slaughter of whales, then you have to pick up the phone and call The White House."
The 56-year old actor strongly believes that his new nature film will motivate the youngsters to fight to save the world's whales."That is why this film is so important to be seen. I think it will inspire many young people to do good things for the ocean... That is why I'm so passionate about this movie, so people can go see it and hopefully oppose this deal agreement. These creatures are in jeopardy once more," Brosnan said.

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Dejavu said...

Congratulations, I hope more people like you would join this fight against the Japanese government that is killing the whales and the rest of the world just sits back and see??

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