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Pierce Brosnan touts new Roman Polanski film

At a press conference today in Paris, Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor praised Roman Polanski, whose latest film The Ghost Writer, will have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on Friday. Brosnan and McGregor plan to be on hand. But Polanski will not.

"His energy is ferocious, he rules the set, keeps everyone on their toes," said Brosnan of the director. "He has an alchemy with the camera ... He's a taskmaster. You have to know your onions."
Completed by the director while under house arrest at his Swiss chalet, the film features Brosnan as British prime minister who becomes trapped in the U.S. to avoid arrest in another country when his past resurfaces. It's a situation close to Polanski's, who is still awaiting a decision on whether he'll be extradited, reports AFP. Neither Brosnan nor McGregor would respond to questions on Polanski's house arrest.

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