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Pierce Brosnan to talk Percy Jackson

Stephanie Sits Down with Pierce Brosnan to talk 'Percy Jackson'

Grand Rapids, MI (TAKE FIVE & CO) -- Remington Steele ... James Bond ... over the years, Pierce Brosnan has played some iconic roles in TV and film, but NEVER has he played a role where it called for him to have four legs. In the new movie, "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief" Brosnan takes on dual roles - one as "Chiron", the Greek mythological centaur creature ... half man, half horse.

Stephanie Webb, of "Take Five & Company" and "E-Block" had a chance to sit down with the entire cast of the film in New York City for the very first movie junket inside the Empire State Building. Click on the above link to watch Pierce Brosnan talk about the Oscar nominated role he recently turned down.

Watch "Take Five & Company" (WZZM, Weekdays, 9am) to win Run of Engagement passes to check out the movie at Celebration! Cinema theatres AND this week's "E-Block" is on location from the TOP of the Empire State Building - watch Thursday night, WZZM 13 5:30pm news!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - Interview
Pierce Brosnan talks about turning into Chiron the centaur in the world of the gods

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