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Pierce Brosnan the ghost

After four adventures as a secret agent 007 Pierce Brosnan is now in the ghostwriter political thriller by Roman Polanski to the movies. In this interview he talks about the allegations against the director, the legacy of James Bond and Tony Blair.

Mr. Brosnan, the Queen is a fan of James Bond - from dodgy prime minister, the play here, they would probably rather not amused?

Brosnan: I can not imagine what will keep your Majesty of my presentation. This story rests on a large, theatrical "what-if" question by Robert Harris: What if the ex-prime minister in his early years as a CIA agent had been recruited? Whether the Queen do? I really have no idea (laughs).

How did you come to the substance?

Brosnan: As I did in London now advertising for Mama Mia, my agent told me about this project by Roman Polanski. The prospect of again working with him, made me immediately excited, especially me, the exciting novel by Robert Harris very well liked. What does an actor more than a film that is exciting and provocative alike?

How far Tony Blair is the sponsor for this role?

Brosnan: My first question to Polanski was, of course: "When I play Tony Blair?" And he said very little, "no." Of course, speaking many indications that we are dealing with Blair, if only because author Robert Harris, a very special relationship with this prime minister. Even if Blair does not Polanski wanted from me, I've studied it in preparation for the role well - to me, then, of course, entirely in keeping with the submission of Polanski.

Have you ever met Tony Blair?

Brosnan: I met Blair once in a hotel during a joint photo opportunity. He is as tall as me and he was charming. In his career, I can allow myself no opinion, because of politics, I have a very distant relationship - in this case, also geographically, because I live in America for several years and have adopted the local citizenship.

How to work with Polanski as a director look like?

Brosnan: He demands a lot, he thinks fast and his passion for the project is very large. Novel can be very direct with his comments, as an actor you'll have to be pretty strong, not only in your performance, but also in your self-confidence. In some scenes he lets you complete freedom, in others it is exactly what he wants. This intensive work with him I felt was very stimulating.

What impact did the arrest of Polanski on the project?

Brosnan: Roman is one of the most provocative directors in film history with a very unique style. If this material could therefore expect a lot. That it would come to such dramatic events, nobody had an inkling. In some ways, the films of Polanski's own life and reflect on his feelings: Here the director in exile, who was always on the run. And in the film of the politicians under investigation by the judiciary - and the director shoots for the first time a political thriller.

Have you talked with about Polanski's arrest and his mood again?

Brosnan: No, on the arrests, we have never spoken, that's not my business. We actors have taken before the Berlinale's all in Paris at Polanski's house, where he has us by phone you want all the best for the world premiere. His wonderful sense of humor and irony, he has also lost on this phone before.

As Bond, you turned to the most exotic locations in the world, as was the pivot on the frozen island of Ruegen?

Brosnan: The Rotary was wonderful for me, the winter is already the best season of the year. Since there are much better time and muse to think about the life and work. You come to write and to paint what I do very much.

What is the relationship you have today to James Bond?

Brosnan: I am very grateful for the role of Bond - no 007 today, I would hardly sit here. Bond was a beautiful chapter in my life for me. I knew beforehand that it would not be easy to get for such a role of other good offers. But it's me, I think quite well done


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Love the interview you posted thank you very much, i can't wait to see this movie. Pierce looks fantastic!

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Thank you so much

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