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The Ghost

15.02.2010, 09:29
Pierce "Bond" Brosnan does not want to be polite and sophisticated: Since it came with Roman Polanski's political thriller ghostwriter just right.

The role in Roman Polanski's political thriller "The Ghost Writer", the ex-prime minister Adam Lang, Pierce Brosnan is one of the most important of his career. The answer to the central question, which is bursting overshadowed for months every conversation about the film - what about Brosnan for his director, who is in Switzerland, under house arrest and his extradition to the United States because of an abuse case waiting from 1977 - Brosnan out, even before it was submitted.

Pierce Brosnan: I love this movie, I'm proud of him, I think he is a classic from Mr. Roman Polanski, working with a great joy to me was. And I hope, I pray that this episode in his life takes a swift end, closed this chapter. For his children. And for this woman to be dealt with and her family - she has suffered enough. I think you can handle grown up with this story, whatever plays the politics of a particular country for this role.

SZ: Why did you speak to the issue itself?

Brosnan: In this film the reality so much response - in a theatrical manner. I play a man in exile, who has been powerful, the former British prime minister who is not Tony Blair or Tony Blair - but everything points in his direction. In the book, the screenplay of the film. Here we have Mr. Tony Blair, who is fighting for its reputation. And there we have Mr. Roman Polanski in Gstaad, with helicopters and journalists outside the door.

SZ: Is that a coincidence? Or there are good reasons why Polanski was just filming this story? Here he takes up some themes that he has used before.

Brosnan: The theme of claustrophobia, he has already used in "Knife in the Water", the sexual tension between the characters, the foreboding - that's Roman Polanski. This is his life. If one looks at this, childhood in the ghetto, always on the run - he is a truly fascinating man who told me at work on "The Ghost Writer" is close to my heart. He's passionate, and he can be vicious. But I have never personally. He makes movies with a passion. As a director he is a bit like an absent-minded professor, and if it is not fast enough, "he yells. And then he was again left entirely. But that of course means that everyone is very focused at work - because they want to make him right. We knew all that, what we do here is to provoke, - one would be very political what-if story

SZ: Neither Britain nor America in the film come off well. . .

Brosnan: It will kick made it - we go next with the film to America, and we, Ewan McGregor and Olivia Williams, and I try to be prepared.

SZ: Did you irritated the political dimension of the story?

Brosnan: It has made me afraid. Actually, that's what the story suggests, brash, but people will read into it was probably meant quite seriously. This is a clever constructed story, but opaque. One never knows what one is - as it happened to me while reading as an actor. I had to make my decisions emotionally. For me, Adam Lang is sincere, he believes in what he does. I liked the way for Oliver Stone's movie about Bush - as you develop compassion for this man whom we all hated and ridiculed. For Stone, he is ambivalent, and only if you have multiple perspectives on something, you can see everything.

SZ: Do you want to enjoy watching all the extremes of acting, from slapstick to tragedy?

Brosnan: As an actor, that's my job: find new challenges, beyond this sprawling psychological profile: polite, sophisticated, casual and elegant. They crowd into a corner. I have to find work, which is like a workshop where you can try something. The role in "Ghost Writer" is wonderful, had a master director, a great book. "Mamma Mia" is quite different - but it was fun. You know, I'm at a point where I say I gotta do some acting.

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