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Pierce Brosnan Cast as Robert Pattinson’s Dad

The cast of the Allen Coulter drama Remember Me has added a trio of stars to its roster. The film already features teen idol Robert Pattinson, whom fans have affectionately renamed R. Pattz. According to Empire, former Bond guy Pierce Brosnan, Lost cast member Emilie de Ravin and Oscar winner Chris Cooper are in final negotiations to join the film.Remember Me is a story about a young man (Pattinson) who aimlessly drifts through life after seeing his brother commit suicide, and his parents divorce. De Ravin’s character faces a similar situation when her mother is abruptly killed in front of her and she’s forced to deal with the aftermath. Instead of shying away from life like Pattinson’s character she chooses to embrace it. Chris Cooper will star as de Ravin’s father, while Brosnan and Lena Olin will play Pattinson’s parents.
The screenplay for Remember Me was co-written by Jenny Lumet (daughter of Sidney), who also wrote the screenplay for Rachel Getting Married. Like the other stars of Twilight, Pattinson looks to be capitalizing off of his overnight success. I’m not sold on his range of acting since I haven’t really seen any of his work. With the exception of one Harry Potter film, I’m an R. Pattz newbie. I’ve yet to get into the Twilight Saga, and I probably won’t anytime soon. That franchise just doesn’t appeal to me.

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