We met Pierce Brosnan

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We offer this paint to the famous actor Pierce Brosnan ,we admire him because he is a great actor and a great human .We learnt that he was in Athens for the promotion of the new film Mamma mia , so we didn’t lose the chance to meet him in the “Grand Resort” hotel in Lagonissi , where he was staying , we went there and finally we met him on Saturday 28th of June at 13:30 o clock.We are very happy .When we were walking on the hotel’s beach we watch Brosnan sitting into a Restaurant next to the beach and without second thought we went in.We gave him this paint which we have made and when he saw it , he saw us his enthusiasm as he used to paint too . We had a nice conversation with him . He was so kind , friendly and modest .
When we ask him if it’s possible to take a photograph with him and to sign us two autographs , he answer us ‘Of course’ .It’s worth to say that he was walking alone in the hotel and on the beach untroubled without any bodyguards or security staff. He also took some photographs with the hotel staff. Since he had wait in the queue to pay for his meal , he decide to be freshen in the hotel’s sea before going to his room for his evening relaxation . We were in the same place with Pierce Brosnan for about an hour , it was a great experience which we will never forget.

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