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Pierce Brosnan loves his spouse

He portrays James Bond onscreen, but in real life, actor Pierce Brosnan, 50, is a devoted family man. That's why he's standing by his wife Keely Shaye Smith, 40, who seems to be fighting a weight problem. "Keely is devastated: She's packed on nearly 50 pounds since she and Pierce first met," says a source close to the couple.
When the pair met in Mexico a decade ago, Pierce was taken by her beauty. "I just fell for her," he says of the 5'8" Smith, who was much thinner then. "She was captivating."
But a source close to the couple --who have two sons, Dylan, 7, and Paris, 3 -- reveals that Keely now tips the scales at 180 pounds. "Keely has tried everything to lose the weight," says the source, including the Atkins diet, the South Beach Diet, and working out. Sources say Keely is so worried about her weight that, when she couldn't find anything to wear to the Golden Globes on Jan. 25, she cancelled at the last minute. "Pierce pleaded with her to attend," says the source, "but he ended up going alone."

To get his wife to accompany him to the Oscars on Feb. 29, the source says Pierce gave her carte blanche to buy any designer gown she wanted. Although she lost six pounds before the Oscars, "she still wasn't happy with the way she looked," says the source.
But whatever her weight, Pierce, who appears in April's Laws of Attraction, is just as smitten with his wife today, as the first day they met. For her 40th birthday last year, he rented a 150-foot yacht for a romantic dinner (prepared by a gourmet chef) as they cruised around the Channel Islands. "He also gave her a diamond necklace and matching earrings," says the pal. When they got home, a brand-new BMW convertible was waiting for her in the driveway. "One thing still stands," adds the source. "Despite her weight, her husband still only has eyes for her."

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