We met Pierce Brosnan

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Fast Talk: Pierce Brosnan

You spend a lot of time in Hawai What drew you to the islands?

It’s like Ireland with the heat on। I love the culture, the landscape, the blue, blue water. You wake up in the morning and go fishing or sailing—on the beach. I paint and my wife gardens. It’s a beautiful place to watch our boys grow up.
Do you paint a lot on the road?

My first career was as a commercial artist, and I’ve started plein-air painting—I travel with a little oil set। While filming The Matador in Mexico City, I set up a small studio at the hotel and did a self-portrait of my character Julian, a mustachioed vulgarian with a wonderful sense of humanity.
What’s always in your carry-on?

I also carry my family photos, which I keep in silver frames। As soon as I get into my hotel, I unwrap them and set them up on the desk.
What was the most memorable meal you’ve had while traveling?
But I still love the down-home, wholesome food of my native Ireland: Irish salmon, vegetables, and lots of mashed potatoes
Are you ever able to “go local” and remain incognito?

In Hawaii, people recognize me and I greet them as they greet me. I enjoy my life and the bit of fame that I have. It has enabled me to travel far and wide, and to enjoy every level of society. Whether you’re going to Panama City or Rajasthan or Nairobi or Rome, it’s about packing the suitcase and going off and sharing experiences with a bunch of great new people.

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