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Pierce Brosnan shows off his fun side as he dunks co-star Toni Collette in the sea during filming

Licence to Splash: Pierce Brosnan shows off his fun side as he dunks co-star Toni Collette in the sea during filming
23 October 2012

During his years as the ultra suave James Bond, Pierce Brosnan appeared calm and collected, never letting his demeanour slip.
But now he is free from the super spy role the British actor seems to be finding his fun side.
The 59-year-old was spotted shooting his latest movie, A Long Way Down, in Mallorca, Spain, on Monday.

Splashing around: Former Bond star Pierce Brosnan shows off his fun side while filming new movie A Long Way Down on a beach in Mallorca
He was seen getting into a much different character as he larked around with his co-stars and giggled with delight as he splashed around in the sea while fully clothed.
Pierce even dunked actress Toni Collette's head in the water at one point as he splashed around with a large grin on his face.
He wore shorts and a red short-sleeved checked shirt as he ran into the water.

Take that! He threw himself into character as he dunked co-star Toni Collette in the sea while they were both fully clothed

Having fun? Pierce looked ecstatic as he ran through the water in his shirt and shorts on Monday

You call this work? The former 007 has spent this week on the Spanish island filming more scenes for the upcoming movie
Once he was fully immersed in the sea, Pierce then jumped up and down as Toni joined in the fun.
She was also fully dressed as she had her head and body put under while wearing a dress and cardigan combo.
Brosnan was later seen drying himself off with a towel and enjoying some more leisurely time as he sat on a sun lounger.

Back on dry land: As soon as the splashing scenes were over he grabbed a towel to dry himself off once the excitement had ended

No longer his target: Toni Collette also dried off after getting dunked by her male co-star

Heading back in: Brosnan looked serious once more as he got back out of character and the cameras stopped rolling
Taking some time out form filming, he ensured he was protected from the Spanish rays with a hat on his head and sunglasses over his eyes.
Cutting a much more serious figure, the actor looked on as he enjoyed his surroundings.
Only a day earlier the 59-year-old was spotted with a much more worrying look as he displayed a painful looking black eye.

Hard day at work: The actor spent Monday afternoon on the beach and in the sea as part of the movie schedule

Grinning: Toni was also on set for the whole afternoon as the film slowly comes together
The former 007 star's left eye was noticeably black and blue.
However, fans of the actor can breathe a sigh of relief - it was just make-up for the same film.
He flashed a wide grin to photographers as he got into a car after filming for the day finished, seemingly forgetting he was still sporting his bruised make-up.
A spokesperson for the actor told MailOnline: 'The black eye is not painful. It is movie make-up. Pierce was shooting a fight scene on Long Way Down.'

Dried off: Pierce wore a flat cap as he later took a stroll around the shore covering himself up from the sun

And relax... Brosnan rested on a sun lounger for the rest of his day dressed in the same outfit
The film, based on Nick Hornby's book, also stars Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, and revolves around four people who make a pact to kill themselves on New Year's Eve'.
The 007 actor was making the most of filming in Mallorca.
He was also spotted enjoying a game of golf on Monday.

Cameras rolling: Collette headed to the director's chair to see the outcome of the filmed scenes

Eyeful: Pierce showed off his tough side as he emerged on set with a fake black eye courtesy of the make-up department

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