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Pierce Brosnan, what you need is love

The actor says he was the widower lost, but then he met his current wife, Keely
VENICE. - At 59, Pierce Brosnan maintains a magnetism that Danish director Susanne Bier took advantage well in his romantic comedy Love is all you need, he presented at the Mostra.

With a white shirt, beige pants and a martini in hand, Brosnan jokes and sincere with El Universal on the terrace of Hotel Villa Laguna del Lido.

"I was very happy when I saw the film for the first time five weeks ago in Paris, a rainy Sunday morning. You never know how these things are going to be and how you will get the work you did so I sat there, I held my breath and I got carried away, "says Irish actor.

Pierce is generous in speaking. So, do not hesitate to tell how this movie played important aspects of your life, because like its protagonist, Philip, he also lost his first wife (Cassandra Harris), who died of ovarian cancer.

"I met Keely in a very difficult time in my life when I felt like a character in this movie, Philip. I was lost after my wife died and I spent at least three years trying to get by until this woman came into my life and even though I resisted there was a time when I caught "recalls Brosnan, who confesses a hopeless romantic and states that as the title of the film, love is all you need in life.

"Love and only love. Now more than ever it is essential, especially by the doubts and confusion being created by electronics and media. There are many things that make you lose contact with friends and family, so I think that yes, love is vital, "he says smiling heartthrob who managed to keep their marriage for over a decade.

The secret to keep, he says, is in the everyday. "I love my wife every day, in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. I have next to a beautiful woman and could not live without it. It is the mainstay of my life, my family. "

He would not be Bond, but Connery

Another thing that is vital is the fact Brosnan have been fortunate to pursue his passion, acting.

"The truth is that when I became an actor never particularly wanted to be James Bond, but I confess that as a kid from the suburbs Irish," James Bond "was among the first films I saw in 1964. You can imagine what I was seeing Sean Connery for me, the magic of movies, film intoxication. When I saw it, I was very clear that he wanted his job, "says laughing.

Yoga and good genes

About the word most feared by everyone in Hollywood, aging, Pierce is confident, as it remains one of the sexiest men on the big screen, something which he is due to genes.

"How have I done to age so well? I do not know! I think I have good genes Irish and also due to the moderation in life. I try to stay well, do some yoga, eating a good diet and exercise, "he says.

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