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Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely visit Paris's designer stores on romantic shopping spree

4 August 2012

In an age where celebrity break-ups are the norm, it’s refreshing to see Pierce Brosnan is as besotted with his wife as ever. The former Bond actor married Keely Shaye Smith in 2001 but 11 years on the pair are still blissfully in love with Pierce taking his spouse for a romantic stroll in Paris today. And it wasn’t any old walk, the couple visited the Hermes store where no doubt the generous star treated his wife to something special. They've been married for 11 years but Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith looked like a couple of loved-up teenagers as they took a romantic shopping trip together in Paris on Saturday

Pierce left the shop toting the large signature shopping bag used by the brand while Keely was happy to hold on to her husband.

The loved up pair both looked cool and casual on their romantic date with Brosnan wearing cream chinos, a blue shirt and a darker blue blazer. Pierce tenderly wrapped his arm around his wife and they appeared in deep conversation as they enjoyed some time along together in the romantic French city
She carried a satchel style Hermes bag, which could have been a gift from her husband and had a scarf attached to it in case she felt a chill. Keely couldn't keep her eyes off her handsome husband as the couple enjoyed a walk in the Paris sunshine

Splashing the cash! Pierce carried a Hermes shopping bag as he and his wife left the designer store in Paris.Both wore sunglasses although they were able to wander around the city together undisturbed. Pierce and Keely weren’t afraid to put on a public display of affection, strolling hand in hand along the street. Brosnan kept a tight grasp of his wife's hand as he and Keely took some precious alone time in the City of Love

Bond gets his girl! Pierce looks delighted to have his wife on his arm and a designer shopping bag in his hand as he enjoys a day off in Paris.At one stage the star put his arm around his wife as they walked while she lovingly leaned in towards him. However, there was one thing that could distract Keely from her handsome spouse, while Pierce checked his phone she could be seen gazing in to a shop window, perhaps setting her sights on a new purchase.

Pierce has been hard at work in the French capital filming his latest movie alongside Emma Thompson. Pierce and Keely enjoyed themselves as they left their kids behind and took to the streets of Paris for a loved-up shopping spree

Love Punch is said to be a comedy is a film about a divorced couple who scheme to recover retirement money that was stolen from them. It's slated for release next year.Yet he has managed to squeeze in time with his family and was recently spotted on a walkabout with Keely and two sons, Dylan and Paris.They visited an orangery as their two sons walked beside them, dressed in casual attire.
The only time Pierce lost the attention of his wife was when she became distracted by the goods in a store window

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