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Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson

25 June 2012 At the start of the month Pierce Brosnan were seen riding around in a yellow Citroen C Zero as he filmed scenes for his new movie Love Punch. And yesterday the former Bond star was spotted on set with his co-star Emma Thompson as they drove around in a red car in Paris. The duo appeared to be filming an action scene as they both were pictured making hurried exits and entrances into the small vehicle.Cosy:

Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson were seen yesterday in a small red car as they film scenes for their new movie Love Punch in Paris The ever dapper Irish actor donned a beige blazer, a light blue shirt, black trousers and a pair brown shoes. Whereas as 53-year-old Thompson wore a pale blue top which matched her cardigan with a pair a nude pumps and black trousers. Brosnan,59 and Thompson appeared to be filming a scene which will create many laughs as they were seen swapping seats in the car several time throughout the day.

Quick! Brosnan and Thompson both hurried as they recorded the scene which from the looks of it will provide many laughs when the film is released next year.Always dapper: The former Bond star wore a beige blazer, a light blue shirt, black trousers and a pair brown shoes on set as he filmed with Thompson During the takes the actors looked to be enjoying each other's company as were seen laughing and smiling. A couple weeks ago Emma Thompson was left in stitches as she enjoyed a sail with her co-star Pierce Brosnan. The English actress was seen bursting into fits of laughter while the pair shot scenes in Theoule-sur-Mer, France.Switch! Love Punch is about a divorced couple trying to retrieve their retirement money which was stolen. It wasn't quite clear what the characters were doing aboard the boat but it did seem like jolly good fun, or at least Emma seemed to think so.

 Love Punch which is said to be a comedy is a film about a divorced couple who scheme to recover retirement money that was stolen from them. It's slated for release next year. Brosnan and Thompson have been seen getting on famously and were even spotted dining together at a local restaurant.Having a good time: Earlier in the month Emma was seen laughing as she set sail with Brosnan It's a funny scene that could attend a handful of onlookers this week on the streets of Paris: Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan, have come to blows in front of passers taken aback ...   But be reassured, this is for work that both players have pretended, in real life they probably hate it. However in the movie they are spinning, it's a little more tense. Because they are really busy preparing for "Love Punch", a film that met them but the Frenchies Laurent Lafitte and Louise Bourgoin.   After a stint in the south of France, specifically in Cannes, the team visited the French capital to shoot several action scenes rather carabinées. As evidenced by the photographs taken during filming.

 It must be said that the pitch of the film dépote it tells the stories of a couple (Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan) and aspiring to separate a peaceful retirement, but have to reconnect to regain the money they been stolen by a French businessman crooked (Laurent Lafitte). The latter looking to buy a beautiful ring to his fiancée, played by the gorgeous Louise Bourgoin ...

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