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Pierce Brosnan Malibu Library Reopens With Style

April 22, 2012 The entire process of renovating the Malibu Library took nearly eight years, and elected officials and celebrities celebrated its opening Sunday in Malibu.Hundreds came out in support of the grand opening of the renovated Malibu Library Sunday."This is really a momentous occasion. Prior to this makeover, Malibu Library, as we all know, stood virtually unchanged from 1963. The library that we are celebrating today is unique to the city of Malibu," Mayor Laura Zahn Rosenthal said in a ceremony that lasted nearly an hour and featured the release of butterflies at the end."Its architecture, which tells the story of our sun, sand and sea culture, was conceived to create a meaningful, welcoming and enriching space for the public it was built to serve and to unite the whole Malibu community."Also in attendance were Mayor Pro Tem Lou La Monte, Councilmembers Pamela Conley Ulich, John Sibert and Jefferson Wagner, as well as Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely, and Dick Van Dyke.The ceremony ended with a blessing of the Chumash Indian as attendees released hundreds of butterflies from triangular boxes. Conley Ulich told the crowd that the library had transformed because of the collaboration of the community."This library will be a beacon of hope for all of you that honors our past, inspires the present and leaves a legacy of love of reading, of love of learning for the future," Conley Ulich said. The library features a porcelain tile mural featuring an aquatic scene created by Christine Nguyen, a replica of a tile Persian rug from the Adamson House and a replica of the Malibu Pier that leads out to a reading patio, which looks onto Legacy Park.The renovation cost $6 million. What a great Sunday, yesterday. Kicked off with a great dedication to the new Eco-Library with Master of Ceremonies and locals Pierce Brosnan and a hilarious speech by Dick Van Dyke. And I mean hysterical, as he always is. Malibu’s gone without a Library for a while due to the renovation, but now… it’s wicked cool. I’ll post interior shots later, but if you come to the Bu for coffee, it’ll be worth the trip to swing in. Places like this are so important for kids. Even big ones like us. They literally save people. And if you don’t believe that, read up on Og Mandino. His choice was to go buy a gun and end it, or go into the Library and get warm. Because of his choice, he ended up writing many books that sold millions and changed everything. Spend some time in your local Library. And insert some peace into your life. Who knows, you may be driving a Bugatti like this dood…

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