We met Pierce Brosnan

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Agent 007 Pierce Brosnan leaving Prague today: officious St. Vitus!


Although already a famous representative of a 007 Pierce Brosnan (58) leaves Prague yesterday filming scenes for the latest new ad was running in the čaj.Ráno tight dark blue overalls building the new National Technical Library in Dejvice. His every movement you were shooting for mobile students, who gladly give up because of the famous Bond přednášky.Nebyl not arrogant or cocky. He even posed and waved to us, "rejoiced one of the students. Afternoon then reserved entirely for himself and stealth, which must be a former secret agent's own, mingled with tourists at Hradcany.
St. Vitus Cathedral officious to the last seat. And to him thawed numbed hands, then sat in the sun on a bench and a long phone call. Total at the Castle delayed over two hours ...

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