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Pierce Brosnan and Armand Assante

Filmed in El Impenetrable co-production between Argentina and the U.S.
Governor Capitanich and film director Diego Rafecas announced that the film "First Law" will be filmed on stages in New York and Chaco. The film will be shot in Qom and English actor Pierce Brosnan attend, among other figures
Governor Jorge Capitanich and Argentine film director Diego Rafecas presented Friday at a news conference the film First Act, a co-production between Argentina and the United States will be partly filmed in scenes of Chaco and New York and have a capacity of distribution in the international market.

The movie, which Hollywood actors summon the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Armand Assante and big players like Norma Aleandro Argentine Rodrigo de la Serna and Luis Luque address the legality of Aboriginal land and indiscriminate felling of trees. Besides the film to be shot in Qom and English have a very special high content quality on the demand for what was the Slaughter of Napalpí in 1924.

Capitanich stressed the importance for the province means that a film production as important as the "First" choose Chaco Impenetrable scenarios to film their story. "It's a film with a cinematic quality of excellence reflect the cultural identity of the Chaco in world cinema. "Through a process of technical and financial cooperation the governor said the province will support the implementation of this film that will have a high quality international relationship where the Chaco may position worldwide for its attraction from the point of view of its scenery and its culture.

Hollywood actors in the Chaco

In turn, the Argentine director of hits like "A Buddha" in 2005 or "Paco" 2009, Diego said Rafecas is very proud to bring to life the story of the film the scene of Chaco and that this is a small contribution to the culture of native peoples. "I always had a special sensitivity to the culture of Chaco Toba but I am always interested in this scenario," he said.First Act "was filmed two weeks in Los Angeles, New York, four weeks in Buenos Aires and two weeks in Chaco. "We would be proud to show scenarios where culture is the protagonist, so we tested the possibility that more scenes can be filmed in the province to ensure the visit to the Chaco of Hollywood stars Pierce Brosnan as" forward .

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