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Brosnan in TV mini-series

Viewers tuning into the A&E television network's adaptation of Stephen King's novel Bag of Bones this weekend will see Bathurst native Gary Levert acting alongside the man who played 007 in four hit movies.
Gary Levert, shown here in character for a movie called 'The Disappeared' that is scheduled for theatrical release next year, plays a deputy sheriff in A&E's adaptation of Stephen King's novel 'Bag of Bones'.

Levert plays deputy sheriff George Footman in the two-part mini-series, which begins Sunday Dec. 11 at 10 p.m. and concludes Monday Dec. 12 at the same time. His character has numerous run-ins with novelist Mike Noonan, played by Irish actor Pierce Brosnan who is best known for his role as secret agent James Bond in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

"I'm a paid-off cop and I'm not a nice guy, so the encounters I have with Pierce are sort of violent. This George guy is a very bad man," said Levert in a phone interview earlier this fall.

A horror/drama, the story focuses around Brosnan's character who has writer's block after the death of his wife and moves into a haunted house.

While set in Maine, Bag of Bones was actually shot in the area of Halifax, N.S. in August and September, where Levert now resides. (Seeing how Halifax is only a three-hour drive from Moncton, this would explain the appearance of Brosnan in the crowd at a concert given by the Irish superstar rock group U2 in Moncton on July 30.)

Levert said he relished the chance to act alongside Brosnan, who first gained fame in the 1980s television action series Remington Steele and went on to star in such movies as The Thomas Crown Affair, The Matador and Mama Mia.

"I am a huge fan of his and have been for years, especially after I watched him do The Matador. He is one of the best as far as acting opposite of him. We had a lot of scenes, just the two of us together, and he's really into the craft," he said.

"He's just a real gentleman, very patient, very nice. Usually, when you work with actors, they're nice to you but then you hear stories about how they interact with local people, how they're interacting with the crew ... Everything that I got from my own personal experience was fantastic, from an artistic point of view and from a personal point of view," said Levert, noting Brosnan even accompanied him for a few drinks after work hours.

Bag of Bones, produced by Sony Pictures, also features Annabeth Gish in the cast, most recently seen in several episodes of the popular television series CSI, and who co-starred in the last couple of seasons of The X Files.

A 1978 graduate of Bathurst High School, Levert is the son of Jackie and the late Ed Levert. His acting credits include the Kevin Spacey/Julianne Moore film, The Shipping News; Trailer Park Boys: The Movie; and the TV mini-series Canada-Russia '72.

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