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Judi Dench I do miss Pierce

Skyfall's Dame Judi Dench, "Daniel's fantastic...but I do miss Pierce"
Besides praising Pierce Brosnan, Dame Judi Dench also revealed that she will be working with Johnny Depp again as she returns for the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Dame Judi Dench, 76, has been playing the role of M for 16 years. She made her first appearance in a Bond film in Goldeneye. The latest Bond film, Skyfall has just started filming last week. The plot is expected to center around M, the head of MI6, and her past. Skyfall will be Judi's seventh film in the franchise, and her third alongside Daniel Craig as 007. "Daniels an incredible talent and I love working with him but I still miss Pierce,"

"He was a very warm man and always a lot of fun, always laughing and joking. Pierce was great to have around the set. We became close friends."

"I did four Bonds with him so I missed him after he finished with the role."

"There's no comparison between him and Daniel. They're completely different actors but both are brilliant men with a fantastic sense of humor, very self-mocking, which you need to play Bond.

"But you miss anyone you make a relationship with and you think at some point you'll maybe cross paths again. And I did, with Pierce, in a play. If you get on with somebody well, you never really break that."Is She Anything Like M?

"I suppose I'm a bit like M because there are bits of me in every character I play," laughed Judi. "But I dont think Im anywhere near as bossy as she is. Id be chucked out the house if I was. I just like playing M being very, very cross and keeping Bond in order is a lot of fun."

She loves being recognized as M. "Its very nice when people come up to you and just say hello," said Judi.

"I walk everywhere when I'm in New York and when people recognize me they come up, give me a high five and say good work now thats simply wonderful."

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