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Pierce Brosnan Wants To Help

Pierce Brosnan - Pierce Brosnan Wants To Help Young People Following U.K. Riots
27 September 2011

Actor Pierce Brosnan is urging fans to donate money to U.K. community projects to help youngsters in the aftermath of the violent riots which hit Britain last month (Aug11).A number of cities across the U.K. were marred by violence, looting and arson as unrest spread over four days in August (11).The former James Bond star admits he was "shocked and saddened" by the unruly events, but he is convinced the younger generation can be helped by charity projects such as The Prince's Trust.

In a special column for Britain's OK! magazine, Brosnan, who is a Prince's Trust ambassador, writes, "Like the majority of people, I was shocked and saddened by the events that took place this summer when rioting spread across some of the U.K.'s major cities. As the nation reflects on the chaos, we must remember that the vast majority of young people were not involved and are incredibly proud of their communities.

"Sadly, we must also remember that some people are victims of the misfortunes of life, so often end up going down the wrong track. The riots have left communities devastated and the young people living there increasingly vulnerable. It is these young people that need to be shown they can still have a positive future...

"Without the right support, young people can easily lose their way, falling prey to the wrong crowd, crime or the downward spiral of longterm unemployment. With the right support it's a different story."Brosnan is pleased executives at The Prince's Trust are investing money in the areas hit hardest by the riots and is calling for fans to donate to the charity.

He adds, "The Trust announced plans for a £2.5 million fund to double the number of young people supported in (London areas) Hackney, Tottenham, Croydon, (as well as) Birmingham and Manchester (England). The charity is committing £1 million from funds previously donated but they urgently need to raise a further £1.5 million to achieve their goals.
"As well as urging the public to support the work of The Prince's Trust, I would encourage any young people who feel isolated to reach out for support. It's time to take action, to protect our future."

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