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Brosnan team up for Bag of Bones

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Melissa George has spoken about working with the "funny" and "gracious" Pierce Brosnan on the "great" Stephen King's Bag of Bones.The A Lonely Place To Die star will appear alongside Pierce Brosnan in the Stephen King adaptation.

In an interview with Digital Spy, the In Treatment actress said: "[Pierce] just treats me so well, and he's so funny and so gracious."

The actress confirmed that Stephen King had visited the set of the new A&E mini-series, which also stars Jason Priestley.

She said: "Stephen King's been there [and] he's great."

George also revealed that she is in talks for another television project, which she described as her "ideal role".

She explained: "I've been campaigning for this one role since May 3 and I finally got it.

"They've been casting all over the world, so I'm a bit excited, to say the least!"

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