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Big kiss for his Keely!


What more romantic for a snapshot: Pierce Brosnan says goodbye to his wife Keely with a big kiss. The two lovebirds seem to be in love is still as on the first day and to float on cloud nine - even after ten years of marriage.
For ten years they are married and still in love like the first day. Pierce Brosnan (58) and his wife Keely Shaye (47), whose marriage the children Dylan Thomas (14) and Paris Beckett (10) was crowned seem to be a perfect couple - except that her happy marriage has in reality stock . Whether in the common love vacation in Hawaii or at receptions and premieres: Pierce and Keely Wherever they appear, they shine side by side and act like two lovebirds fell fresh.

The two are so close that even a brief separation for the pair is already a tough ordeal. And so are his beloved Pierce an intimate embrace, as he said goodbye after a dinner in Los Angeles from her. With a tender kiss, he says goodbye to her. The former "James Bond" actor seems today, especially in order to be out of love - and his Keely he definitely has the license to kiss.

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