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Pierce Brosnan: "I started with Bond film but I want Godot"

The Irish actor is filming in Sorrento "All You Need Is Love," the new film by Susanne Bier's Oscar winner, a romantic comedy with drama and misunderstandings

SORRENTO - "I never imagined enjoying such magnificence," says Pierce Brosnan, and from the terrace of one of the most beautiful villas in Sorrento, admires the intense colors of the sea, the vagaries of the coast, the landscape dominated by Vesuvius in Naples. It is the house where he lived for the filming of All You Need Is Love, the film by Susanne Bier that after the dramatic tones of In a better world, for the foreign film Oscar, has chosen the lightness of a romantic comedy.

The film is a co-Denmark-Sweden-Italy (the Lumiθre by Lionello Cerri) and will be distributed by Theodora. Brosnan plays Philip, the owner of the fruit and vegetable industry with headquarters in Copenhagen, who owns a villa in Sorrento in a large lemon, which returns after many years because that is where his son Patrick has decided to get married to Astrid. The cast Tryne Dyrholm (In a better world) and Italian Ciro Petrone (Gomorrah), is Alexander, who helps the two engaged in preparations for the wedding, but his presence sets off a deep crisis in their marriage and serious doubts about marriage.

"I read the script in February, I accepted immediately. I thought of being on the set of a small independent film, then I saw the pictures of the villa they had rented for me and I was speechless, it's a fantastic place, "says Brosnan. His wife, the second after the Australian actress Cassandra Harris died in '91, is a former journalist Keely Smith Shyle, were married in 2001, have two children. A son was born from the union with the Harris and two others had from her previous marriage, Brosnan adopted them.

It is true that Susanne Bier wrote the character of Philip thinking of him?

"Yes. Maybe he knew my personal history, he knew that I knew Philip. It's a rich man, solitary, from the death of his wife feels betrayed by life, disappointed, angry, devotes himself to work. It is a state of mind I know. To awaken is the encounter with Ida, the mother of Astrid, a hairdresser, a woman who suffers yet continues to love life despite everything, despite the chemotherapy you are receiving for breast cancer - she died of the same my wife - and the discovery that her husband is having an affair. It looks like a dramatic story, but the film is full of misunderstandings, entertainment, comedy and romance. "

Philip is a father, you are a father ...

"Philip is not a good father, is away from his son, I do not know, approached him only in Sorrento, but it is not easy. I do not like that. I try to be close to my children as much as possible, I miss them when they are away and I miss them. My wife is a fantastic mother and I think I'm a good father. Also because I am a father I never had, he left home when I was little, is one of the turmoil that life has given me. On the other hand I have a wonderful relationship with my mother. "

He was born in an Irish village and studied in London. Now he lives in Malibu?
"I arrived in America 30 years ago, I owe everything to America. The first James Bond I was offered due to the popularity of TV series that I played in the U.S.. The link with the roots still strong, I often go to Belfast where they are part of a charity that helps young people to make films, I have a house in Wimbledon and London I often go to visit my older sons. "

With Polanski has played an almost Tony Blair.

"Almost, indeed. Working with Roman was an unforgettable experience, is one of the great masters, with him everything seems easy. We spent hours talking about many things, little film. When I asked if I was in The Ghost Writer Tony Blair, he replied "No, you make your first minister, an isolated man, who hates the world." Then there was the identification and Blair could not have been pleasant. But he has shown reactions, has shown great sense of humor. "

It is true that you are a skilled fire eater?

"Very true. While studying in London I worked in a circus and I've learned, it is not difficult. Now I perform for children. They have fun, but laugh more when they see me singing and dancing in Mamma Mia! They say I'm a mess and they are right. They are denied for the musical, I remember the fear on the set. Fortunately, even Stellan Skarsgard and Colin Firth were terrified as me. We became very good friends. "

When he found the desire to become an actor?

"It seems strange but the first movie I saw was Goldfinger, Sean Connery has impressed me. Then I saw Brando, Montgomery Clift, Clint Eastwood, my job was to be the one. So I went to America and I had much luck. I like success, but his career is a constant challenge, we must not settle or lose a part of insecurity. "

Among the last of his characters are her husband of Jessica Parker But how do you do?, A fanatical preacher in the Salvation Boulevard. And after?

"Nothing is decided, but I recently reread" Waiting for Godot "and I'd do it but in a version for the film, not theater. For now my plans have nothing to do theater, too repetitive, or directed, too tiring. In addition to film and the craft of his father, the only passion is writing. I would not mind a debut as a writer, sooner or later will happen. "

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