We met Pierce Brosnan

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Pierce Brosnan in filming

Pierce was taking advantage of a break in filming, as he has been kept busy shooting new comedy I Don't Know How She Does It with Sarah Jessica Parker and Christina Hendricks.
The actor can be seen in crime thriller St Vincent, which sees a hitman going undercover as a priest to complete a job.Family stroll: Brosnan's mother May joined him while walking his dog in Malibu
And while Pierce has achieved huge fame through his acting career, he has also been giving advice to younger stars on how to handle stardom, including his Remember Me co-star Robert Pattinson.Speaking recently, Pattinson said: 'We were in a restaurant and there were people looking over at us.'They didn't know who I was but knew who Pierce was and he went up to them and introduced himself.'Anyone who looked round, he'd go up, shake their hand and ask how their evening was going.'And I'd think, "What are you doing?" But it works fantastically because no one treats you like you're a side show attraction any more.
'They don't look around after that and they go home and say, "Well, he's a really nice guy." 'Both I Don't Know How She Does It and St. Vincent are due for release next year.

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