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Vanity Fair Brosnan for event

Feb. 24, 2011,
Vanity Fair and Brioni honored Artists for Peace and Justice, along with the charity's founders, Paul Haggis and Pierce Brosnan, at WeHo's Eveleigh on Tuesday.

Last autumn, the org built the Academy for Peace and Justice, the first free secondary school to open in the slums of Port-au-Prince. Regarding his trip to Haiti, Haggis said he did learn a second language on the visit. "Actually, the Creole I picked up I can't tell you. That's the kind you pick up first," he noted, alluding to naughty words.

Brosnan, who shied away from the mic, playfully gave Haggis a peck on the cheek. "It's always the men," Haggis said. "I have that magnetism. Wish it worked on women."

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