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Pierce Brosnan to Produce a New Series

November 20, 2010

Pierce Brosnan is renewing his license for television, as the former 007 makes plans to return to the small screen following his cameo on FOX's Running Wilde.
Before he brought James Bond out of the cold -- as well as the Cold War -- and into the new millennium with four successful films from 1995 to 2002, Bronsan was Steele ... Remington Steele. Part detective/adventure, part romantic comedy, the series made him a household name in America and lasted for five seasons on NBC from 1982 to 1987.
The 57-year-old will co-executive produce a new series about a spy and freelance troubleshooter that tackles cases of kidnappings and business espionage. (Does The Equalizer and Burn Notice sounds familiar to you?) Though he won't be the star, Bronsan still plans to have a supporting role in this project that is currently in the early stages of development.
Garrett Godwin writes for NewsBlaze from Michigan. Contact him by writing to NewsBlaze.

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