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Pierce Brosnan & Rene Russo

April 2010
ETonline has the exclusive! Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo heated up the box office in 1999 with 'The Thomas Crown Affair,' just released on Blu-ray, and the two stars show that their chemistry was no fluke as they reunite for the first time in five years to reminisce about the movie!The two talk about their racy dance scene, Rene's impromptu topless moment -- and how she was sent to study with a dominatrix before production!"I'm very private in some ways; certain things you just leave in the bedroom, so I'm not the kind of actress that really leads with a sexual or sensual spirit," explains Rene. "[Director John McTiernan] knew that … so he sent me to a dominatrix, and she was amazing, I have to say. She was incredible."Pierce and Rene's modern update of the classic 1968 Steve McQueen heist flick finds the former 007 as a thrill-seeking billionaire who decides to steal a priceless Monet painting in broad daylight, with Rene as an insurance investigator who falls for him.Pierce reveals that a sequel to 'The Thomas Crown Affair' is officially getting underway this summer, but Rene tells him she's nervous about the prospect of getting in front of the cameras again for her role as Catherine Banning."You know, I've got to tell you, I'm not so sure I could do it again," says Rene. "I'm not sure how I can enter into that zone again.""It's not easy to do the second time around," says Pierce. "I certainly never saw this as a franchise. I saw it as a one-off, but here we are going for it -- and it's scary as heck."

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