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Pierce Brosnan rejects 'star' label

April 11 2010
Pierce Brosnan has revealed that he doesn't believe he is a "star".
The actor explained that he doesn't want to think too highly of himself in case he misses out on good roles."I'm not a Hollywood star," he told the Daily Record. "Someday maybe - it's a work in progress."
Brosnan continued: "I play leads and I have had some success here and there. But I want to work, so how do you deal with wanting to work and not letting the ego of self get in the way of that? You can trip yourself up by saying that you don't want to play something because it's a supporting role and you could end up with a whole lot of nothing."Brosnan also revealed that he is enjoying playing a wide variety of roles at the moment."I'm looking down the road and where I'm going to go," he said. "I'm an actor first and foremost. This is what I do."

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