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Pierce Brosnan & The Jonas Brothers

April 21, 2010
Pierce Brosnan & The Jonas Brothers Make a Splash at 'Oceans' Premiere
Pierce Brosnan was joined by such Disney stars as the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato on the blue carpet at this week's premiere of Disneynature's 'OCEANS,' in theaters Thursday for Earth Day -- and we have the exciting highlights!"I've worked many times over the years for various causes concerning the oceans," said Pierce, who narrated the film. "I live by the ocean; it's very much a part of my life [and] my family's life." The former 007 added, "Hopefully it will inspire young men and women to go out there and be marine biologists and take care of the earth. Simple as that."Joe Jonas and Demi have a song in the movie called "Make a Wave," and the perky pair extolled the virtues of looking out for the environment. "As long as you're aware and you try to make a difference, that's what counts," said Demi."This is an amazing opportunity for people to see onscreen how important it is to take care of [our oceans]," said Joe. "If we can do our piece by encouraging kids in a song, then hopefully that will resound in somebody else and they'll pass it on."

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