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Pierce Brosnan Interview

Pierce Brosnan Interview: Father in every respect
Currently, he is seen in Roman Polanski's film "Ghost Writer" and plays Robert Pattinson's father in "Remember Me". The actor Pierce Brosnan in the interview.
Mr. Brosnan, in love and family drama "Remember Me" You play the father of Robert Pattinson. The 23-year-old was on the night Vampirsaga "Twilight" for teens hunted swarm. What is a Bond A.D. a current shooting star?

Pierce Brosnan: The boy is in the vortex of the fresh glory durchgewirbelt just neat! The level of hysteria overwhelmed him. When he these masses, the millions see straight, he always gets really big eyes. But he is a very nice young man, very intelligent, has a good heart and a healthy self-deprecating humor. He is really shy and runs like back in the background.

Do you think Pattinson has what it takes to survive the hype?

Yes. The creates! The remains on the ground. I bow to the pressure he gets to feel. Good for you! But he relies mostly on his own opinion which is ever good. In "Remember Me" he has beaten the acting was great and even the executive producer, so he has proved that a clever little head sitting on his shoulders.

That sounds like a good prognosis for his career ...

Robert has understood the rules of this game quickly and uses them to his advantage to put his career on a solid footing. This is more important today than ever. And he has just wind in the sails, this huge popularity!

He awakens feelings in you father? What advice the old fox of the newcomers?

On the other hand one can not defend himself, that he wakes father instincts. I would have never forced him my advice, without him I asks. Once, when the language came out, I only said: Enjoy this time. Do not give much, but pick up a lot.

You yourself have three sons, Sean (26) from his marriage to your deceased wife Cassie, Dylan (13) and Paris (9) from your current marriage Keeley. What could you teach your children to deal with fame?

We talk a lot about it. I am an actor, I work, I am famous - that is aware of them. I try to teach them that this is nothing special. You have to try to moderate these "celebrity" and in dealing with others break down as far as it goes. I try to teach them something about the painful pages of glory, such as of rejection. Hardly one thinks one has done it and has arrived, it is thrown out by someone. And where it does not matter, how are you doing it.

What has been your experience so bitter?

"Bond has always been drama in my life! (Laughs) Bond came in 1986 in my life and left it again 1986th I thought I am now an international movie star - and then it was nothing. This should then still be. Then I had in the U.S. only time finding work. But then turned 007 in 1994 or so times around the corner. But just when you want to do the fifth, it is superior to the other and change the course. There must be so hard you like old leather to figure it out!

Her son Sean has probably now found his calling and wants to be an actor ...
It is hard. It's just a really brutal time for actors, more than ever! Or at least, since I'm in Hollywood on the road.
Sure, Sean is always compared with you.
Yes, he has to carry me as ballast, which is aware of him. (Pause, breathes deeply.) Also, I was with Sean long a single father. And I often do not know whether I was successful in this task.
In "Remember Me" They are also a widowed father. In life, certainly a more difficult role than in the movie.
Well - you should probably learn to let go of his children may someday. Fortunately, my wife and I get the little ones at the very back. Keeley is a wonderful mother, and together we are a strong team. Our love and our strength are great, and I pray to God that will continue.

Are you one better - or perhaps even wiser - father of her two younger than for older children?

Yes, without question! When I went to Hollywood in 1981, as Sean was three, and I, I was full of hunger and passion for the job. I am now also, but in more moderate form. The time granted a grace of change. And gives a sense of humor. Today I enjoy the time with my guys deeply! Every morning when I go to school, we philosophize. (Laughs) In my Irish way I Schwafel about feelings, about friendship, what subject whatsoever! The time between leaving the house and three of the school belongs to us alone. As we chew through all the emotions and egos of their schoolmates, friends and teachers.

They live in Hawaii. Your sons sake?

My boys are total geeks surfing. Until a year ago we lived in Kauai and went surfing every day. Now we focus just in Malibu one a home. I said to Keeley already: Once the house is finished, we can actually move on. (Laughs) The poor woman! They followed me around the world already! She is my North Star - my guide, my light.

Is your marriage luck, hard work or destiny?

I think it was fate that we both should get to know us at that time in Mexico. I was cursed by fate. I remember I sat with my son Sean in the morning at the pool, it was still early, and as she came around the corner, this beautiful woman, in her Armani suit.

Love at first sight?

In any event, attraction at first sight. The girl was a real eye-catcher. I wanted to see as often as possible, but had to constantly fly around the world. She was so full of life, full of energy and I just came from the depths of my grief. For two years I have only mourned. I had on my life already felt a few thorns. And this girl was simply magical.

1991, you had to get over the cancer death of your wife Cassie. Is experiencing a personal tragedy, something that ties you to Roman Polanski? He had to cope with the 1969 murder of his pregnant wife Sharon Tate.

I think the man has suffered. Very much so. The death of Sharon - and in this brutal way with the murder of the unborn child in her womb. She was his light. I know that he has told me so himself.

Have you had the courage to address him on this tragedy?

Yes, at our first meeting at a lunch in Paris. Hey, he is Polish, I Irishman, which creates even sympathy. And somehow we both wear the same thing Cross: I lost my wife to cancer. Yes, we talked about our deceased loved ones. And he spoke of Sharon with so much tenderness, she was so close ... (Breaks off)

Her grief has influenced you deeply, and Polanski. Do you feel him so close?

Yes, I have sympathy for him. I also think that it was wrong what he did, in every respect - God! He has made bad decisions. But the court then, the 90 days in prison, the escape from justice, exile, and especially the shame - well, now the long arm of the law has taken hold of him, but now also makes it fast with your righteousness. Let dignity and compassion prevail, if only to the families and the children's sake! Families are much more affected than you can imagine. I plead for peace. It is enough.

Pierce Brosnan,
Born on 16 May 1953 in Ireland, grew up in Ireland and London. Even at school he gained his first experience as an actor. From 1973 he studied at the Drama Centre London and worked also as an assistant stage manager at the Royal Theatre.The playwright Tennessee Williams was in Brosnan's first year of study it carefully and cast him in his play "Red Devil Battery Sign". From 1981, appearances on television and soon after the break with the detective series "Remington Steele".Four times he played the secret agent James Bond. Other well-known films: "Mrs. Doubtfire, "" Mamma Mia ". Currently in theaters in Roman Polanski's film "Ghost Writer" and "Remember Me".
In first marriage to Cassandra Harris married, one son. She died of cancer in 1987, he adopted two children from her first marriage.

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