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Pierce Brosnan ponders writing his memoirs

According to a brief audio interview posted at Hollywood Outbreak, former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan is contemplating sitting down and writing his memoirs.As many 007 fans are aware, Brosnan is currently headlining Roman Polanski’s critically-praised thriller The Ghost Writer alongside Ewan McGregor after it premiered last month at the Berlin International Film Festival.
In the interview, Brosnan states: ‘There have been a few articles, pieces and books that have been written without my consent that have been written. So I have started in the last few years ruminating in who I am, where I’ve been, what I’ve done… some tapestry of a life lived.’
He continues: ‘There’s headings, I’ve started with a few headings… some of them are haikus of time and some of them have got a chapter, maybe! I don’t know, I’ll stitch something together.’
When asked if he would hire a ghost writer, Brosnan replies: ‘Oh, I think it’ll be my good wife, you know, she’s a fine writer. I hadn’t thought about having a ghost writer. Having come down the road 56 years, you kind of ruminate on life, and especially when you get asked the question time and time again, you know. You’ve lived a bit of time.’2008 saw the publication of Sir Roger Moore’s memoirs, My Word is My Bond and Sir Sean Connery’s Being a Scot, which mixed together a study of Scotland’s history and culture and an account of the actor’s life.Stay up-to-date with all the latest James Bond news by visiting CommanderBond.net’s main page and our Discussion Forums.

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