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March 16, 2010

A few weeks after the Sex and the City rejection, (see Sex and the Bump) the casting director called and asked if I was available for extra work on the new Robert Pattinson's film, Remember Me.
"You know I'm pregnant right?" I said into the phone receiver.
"Yes, your look is appropriate. It's a dinner scene at the Plaza Hotel."
Robert Pettinson hiding behind a security guards. Girls screaming on the sidewalk. Camera phones saluting. Pierce Brosnan adjusting his tie, looking dashing, and waving to the fans. The cinematographer inspecting the room for shadows.Ten hours into filming, Pierce Brosnan took a break from sharing the spotlight with Robert Pettinson and sat down next to my table. He smiled and greeted me. It was like a scene out of a James Bond film, except instead of hiding a deadly weapon under my dress, I hid my belly. But I couldn't fool him.
"You have that pregnancy glow," Pierce Brosnan said.I blushed and hoped I'd remember this moment forever.
After we wrapped, and not wanting to experience "momnesia,"
I'm happy to report, months after filming, and three weeks into being a new mother, I can still remember Robert Pattinson's aloofness, Pierce Brosnan's charm, and the screenwriter's words of capturing moments before there gone. Today my memories aren't displayed on the silver screen; they're reflected back in the eyes of my newborn daughter.

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