We met Pierce Brosnan

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I will always be James Bond

In its 56 years, still trying to escape the sticky suit 007, now "Writer", the new film by Roman Polanski, where he plays a mysterious former Prime Minister Tony Blair freely inspired. Pierce Brosnan, who also debuts this month 'remember me' surprises with a new record of a cryptic ambiguity.
To speak with Pierce Brosnan (Navan, Ireland, 1953) must continue to his assistant in the hallways of the hotel and wait a long time the other side of the door of his room, where he heard a conversation in which ensures to want to end this long day coupon to go for a beer in Berlin. Upon entering the room, you see hanging up the phone next to a spectacular picture window overlooking the Brandenburg Gate. A frame as is typical of the Cold War, which fits the former 007. Brosnan appears higher than in the movies (after verification confirms that almost reaches 1.90) and more cordial than it had expected its promotional boredom. Equipped with imprecise diction and accent slow (between U.S. and Irish image and likeness of his dual nationality), the actor plays in the new Roman Polanski, a former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with the air of, role in substance that leads us away more systematic identification of Bond, James Bond.

"Defending this film amounts to Roman Polanski support at this difficult time?
This is an extremely complex (long pause). I can say I was sorry that his detention. I wonder why his arrest comes now, after so long. And sorry for him and his family. I'ma parent too and I do not imagine how hard it can be for their children. Roman is a great man and a wonderful director, who forced me to get the best out of myself. I'm very proud of this film, for its quality and the importance of what counts.

To what extent is like Adam Lang, his character, Tony Blair?
The first thing I asked was whether Roman asked me to do to Blair. I replied: Oh no, man. You limit yourself to act. At first I took it as something liberating about the fact of not having to imitate. But then was not as easy to get rid of Blair. All roads leading to it.


"Beware of politicians you both like this movie?
I would trust in politicians, but I can not help feeling disappointed. Especially when we do go to war with false excuses, such as weapons of mass destruction ...

Have you ever voted for Blair?
(His assistant calls go to another question, but answered Brosnan) last time I have a residence in London, but would have no right to vote in Britain, since I live in California for years. In any case, Blair seems to me an interesting guy. It reminds me of a character in Shakespeare, one of the kings of his works have come down and disgraced.

Adam Lang says in the film: The worst thing about my job is to lose touch with reality. Others do everything for you. Would you say the same about your work?
Not at all. There is that danger, but you only have a wonderful family like mine to prevent it. The antidote to the loss of contact with reality is to take your kids to school, share the responsibility of being a father with a wife as great as mine, being part of a community and have a good circle of friends. I can easily live a normal life. Just live it.


The mean dose of political action. You see interpretive techniques in our leaders?
You bet! (laughs). It's amazing to discover what good actors who become few. But not only politicians: all of us and interpret an actor within a role. Everybody acts in front of our heads, to protect us, to get some others ...

As in politics, in your work must also take a predefined strategy?
Clear. Take your career in one direction and keep it aloft requires a strategy. You have to know choosing some roles over others. Sometimes you conform to the image people have of you and others break with preconceived idea so you do not pigeonhole them. And there are times when deals do not have to design strategies and must accept what I propose, like it or not. It is not my current situation, but I've known.


What do you call Polanski mean that you do not see him only as James Bond?
I hope so. I've experienced as a reward. This is an important film for me, which I hope to expand my horizon of interpretation.

After 007 has made unexpected changes in registration. A conscious decision?

Yes Everyone likes to see an actor risking. But I had to start my production company (Irish DreamTime) to get roles like Matador (Richard Shepard, 2005). And then came Mamma Mia! (Phyllida Lloyd, 2008), another great risk: to sing and dance to the world, to risk public criticism and attacks. And there were many, but I ate it with humor.

Is it difficult to take off the dress of 007?
Whatever you do, I'll always be James Bond. When I accepted the role was aware that his suit would, sooner or later, in a straitjacket from which to escape. But it maintains a great appreciation for the character, I became a star. It allowed me to go ahead as an actor and a person. If you renege on Bond, would be a real ingrate.

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