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Pierce Brosnan: "Polanski is as intense as his life '

Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor and Olivia Williams have given rise to sites on the red carpet at the Berlinale, who warmly welcomed despite the expected snow stopped Roman Polanski film.
A director who always pursues the scandal and says that Pierce Brosnan would be "very intense, so intense on the set working" with the artists, "as it has been his own life." Ewan McGregor says the author of "Tess" would come to threaten at times "against my ego as an actor, while others have been like my mother."
"I really love to Roman", continued at a meeting at which all parties claimed the latest figure of the director of "The Pianist". "It's a teacher, the teacher who draws us the most artistic," said McGregor, while Brosnan said his "dismay" at the news of his arrest and, as a parent also recalled that his family should mean .
Both equipment and the festival has backed the veteran director, arrested in Switzerland for their accounts with American justice, with a good reception to "The Ghost Writer". Robert Harris, author of the best-selling novel, remembered that they were in post-production when they received the news of the arrest: "No comment on the situation of Roman. This is not the place nor the time. But that is not here chairing this conference, including us, is very rare for all. "
Spanish cinema has also had its premiere by the hand of Alejandro Amenabar, known in the Berlinale from "Thesis" and producing the accumulation of misfortunes which presents "The Evil Alien", with Eduardo Noriega makeup ten years older.
The debut of Oskar Santos, seen out of competition in the Panorama section, has also brought Noriega, Belen Rueda and Colombian actress Angie Cepeda. The protagonist Favorite Amenabar, joked that he hoped to remain so, "hopefully keep calling me" but assumed the difficulty of becoming a father of a teenager 17 years and that "the relationship is believable on screen.
Santos took pride in starting his career at a festival first, but hopes that the judge in his film is the audience, rather than the Berlinale, where "opens in Spain on March 18. The director has spoken at the end of his fondness for "the fantasy film," while emphasizes the "need to operate at a realistic level.
Amenabar says not to be "as a producer, I do not understand numbers. I just tried to lend a hand in what I could, as an interlocutor between the management and production. " The director described his contribution as "essential" especially when assembling and disposing of excess footage to give to the confusing plot line with paranormal whims.
Cinema of Spain have yet another time at the Berlinale with the film "born to suffer" by Miguel Albaladejo, also in Panorama and the Hispano-Peruvian short "The second dawn of blindness".

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