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Pierce Brosnan in OÖN interview

17. Februar 2010

Roman Polanski's thriller "The Ghost Writer", made by the bestselling novel by Robert Harris, who was previously one of the key events of the Berlinale 2010th Pierce Brosnan, 56, plays the former British prime minister Adam Lang, who can write his memoirs of a ghostwriter. As it turns out: a dangerous job. Starting Friday in Austrian cinemas.

OÖN: What was it like working with Roman Polanski?

Brosnan: A very great experience. His films have influenced my life, my career. I must have been just 17 when I "Rosemary's Baby" saw and was fascinated. This was a time when I was looking my way as an actor. Of course, I looked in the sequel even this crazy vampire film "The Fearless Vampire Killers" and the brilliant film "Chinatown." Polanski as a director: Because you can never be tempted to goschert be, because one immediately notices that he knows exactly what he wants.

OÖN: At the Berlinale press conference you said that the figure of Adam Lang is not Tony Blair is modeled. How so?

Brosnan: No. The run is meant: You have me at first told only that I am a man named Adam Lang games, against the investigation of war crimes. Suddenly, I got sent from author Robert Harris seven photographs, each with different facial expressions of Tony Blair. There was clear to me how the rabbit runs. In addition, Harris was once indeed a good or almost good friend of Blair. At the latest by the book "Ghost" is likely to have changed. I believe, 2009, Harris no longer receive Christmas card from Mr. Blair ...

OÖN: Polanski turned the film finished during his detention and the period of his house arrest in Switzerland. If you have still contact with him?

Brosnan: The visiting arrangements were difficult. But we currently do anything to help the film on its feet and find a wide audience. And for him, we all hope that this episode in his life is a swift and dignified end.

OÖN: In "Ghost Writer" we often encounter astonishing parallels between Adam Lang and Tony Blair. What do you think of Blair?

Brosnan: I can say nothing, because when he came into power, I was already in the U.S. at home and a great political theorist, I am not.

OÖN: They live in Malibu, California. An old dream?

Brosnan: Insofar as it was during my childhood in Ireland, a dream, even live on the water. After California, it's me then professionally crafty.

OÖN: They have represented four times James Bond. Have you ever been afraid of not getting rid of this mighty shadow?

Brosnan: The fear was there, and somehow it still rings in my ears, if that name is. But it was certainly a time for which I am very grateful. When it was over, I said to my agent: "Search for me in the most diverse roles as actors so I'm grown!"

OÖN: Well, you were, for example, "Mamma Mia", you are in "Percy Jackson" a centaur, and now Adam Lang

Brosnan: Yes, yes. From the horse's ass as Prime Minister. What a Career ...

OÖN: "Mamma Mia" was her first musical. Tired, so try what again?

Brosnan: What? You really want to hear me sing a second time?

OÖN: If you ever publish your memoirs - because they would employ a ghostwriter?

Brosnan: No, I would write everything himself. There have been an offer and I have begun to sketch the most important stages of my life. I think it will be interesting for my children to know more precisely the life of her father.

OÖN: What is more important: family or career?

Brosnan: The family has become the cornerstone of my life, and I have enough behind me. I lost my first wife to cancer and had the luck and the grace to find later another wonderful woman.

OÖN: You put up very much a concern for the environment?

Brosnan: Yes, and I'm angry that trees can be cut down in California, which existed even before Columbus.

OÖN: With the consent of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Brosnan: Yes, unfortunately. And I may have Arnold, his films very been good for me. We also visit the same Starbucks. Often when I come, they tell me, "Mr. Schwarzenegger was just there!"

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