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Pierce Brosnan finds his inner centaur

Pierce Brosnan has a new role as Chiron the centaur in Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief and has no problem in letting his inner horse free in this new spin on Greek mythology.
Pierce Brosnan says that the younger cast members in his new film Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief had trouble forgetting that he used to be James Bond. Even the green tights and the weird outfit did not put them off.
In his new movie, the Golden Globe nominee plays the centaur Chiron, a half-man/half-horse creature plucked from the stories of Greek mythology. Chiron runs the training ground Camp Half Blood where Percy Jackson, the film's protagonist, played by newcomer Logan Lerman, goes to hone his skills once finding out he is half-human, half-god.
In this twist on the Greek myths, the ancient gods are living in the 21st century and Mount Olympus has become the 600th floor of the Empire state building.

Pierce says of his character: “The centaurs were a barbaric bunch but Chiron was the philosopher, the teacher.”

His character has an alter ego in the real world known as Mr Brunner. He is Percy’s Greek mythology teacher and uses a wheel chair to hide his centaur side. Pierce had to wear stilts to reach the correct height and have the horse’s legs put in afterwards.

Pierce tried to channel certain experiences into the portrayal of his character: “I looked at the painting, the frieze, the drawings and even looked at films of horses, but the most indelible image I’ve ever had was when I went to see Equus all those many years ago with Peter Firth.”

He has an excellent cast algonside him too including old James Bond cast mate Sean Bean as Zeus, Uma Thurman as Medusa and Steve Coogan as Hades.Despite the odd looks he got from the younger cast, Pierce was impressed with their performances. “When you work with brilliant actors they make you real,” he said of his cast mates.The former 007 hopes this new twist on Greek mythology will encourage the interest of younger audiences that are not familiar with the subject to learn more about the exciting world of Greek gods and goddesses.

So what is next for the actor? No more singing after Mamma Mia, obviously, but his enviable past credits and the great buzz this film is receiving, he will be able to pick and chose his roles. Although the actor says he won’t rule Taggart out just yet.

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