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Pierce Brosnan captured the hearts

This man brings the ice to melt: saw Pierce Brosnan, who presented with Ewan McGregor film "Ghost Writer" by Roman Polanski, with his fans for inspiration.
On the second day of the Berlinale was primarily the world of women reason to celebrate: Nothing but attractive men were in the capital as guests, notably "James Bond" star Pierce Brosnan. He and his colleagues unveiled the new Ewan McGregor Polanski film "Ghost Writer". Earlier in the afternoon at the press conference had provided both for big crowds. Apply at the compliment, with German women primarily as sex symbol to Pierce Brosnan humorously responded: "May the long remain so!" In the evening, took the smart Brite much time for his fans before freezing and the Berlinale Palast was busy signing autographs.

"Ghost Writer" is the new film by controversial director Roman Polanski, now waits in Switzerland for his extradition to the USA. There he is accused of sexual abuse. From the side of his actors, the filmmaker, however, received much praise and support: "It was great to work with Roman," said Ewan McGregor, who was accompanied by his lovely wife Eve Mavrakis have come to the Berlinale. "I learned a lot from him and appreciate him very much."

But not only Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor made the Women's hearts beat faster on that day. Earlier in the afternoon, the U.S. junior star James Franco ( "Howl" had) for his female fans for cheering provided. Also not to miss was the alarm at India's Kreisch superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who presented the evening, his new book "My Name Is Khan". Hundreds of fans crowded around at the premiere at the Potsdamer Platz, at least catch a glimpse of the actor and his film partner Kajol nice too. With loud "Sha Rukh" Call the waiting crowd greeted the Indian celebrities, for "Bollywood" has long since conquered the German heart.

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