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Brosnan’s star power

Brosnan’s star power on rise with flurry of new films

BERLIN - It’s shaping up to be a good year for Pierce Brosnan fans. The 56-year-old actor is in no less than four movies this season - the recent “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” in which he plays a centaur; “The Ghost Writer”; next month’s “The Greatest,” which teams him with Susan Sarandon; and “Remember Me,” with “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson. He refers to the last two as “bookends.” “In both I’m a grieving father. One is from Brooklyn, a very high-powered businessman and distant from the grief and the death. The other is a mathematician with a wife and a middle-class life, who is desperately coping with the loss of his son,” he said.First up, though, is “The Ghost Writer,” in which he plays Adam Lang, a former British prime minister who hires a writer to complete his memoirs, an act which uncovers secrets and a web of deceit.

The thriller won Roman Polanski a Best Director award at the recent Berlin Film Festival.
Ex-PM Lang, a Tony Blair-style politician, lives in a protective bubble, surrounded by a security squad and flanked by assistants - including a mysterious blonde (Kim Cattrall) who may be his mistress. Brosnan laughed at the idea he might live similarly. “Good God, no! I live a normal life - at home,” he said of his Malibu residence. “I get up and take the boys to school, walk the dog, jog, do a bit of a workout. Boring workouts.” The father of two boys in his current marriage to Keely Shaye Smith, he has three children, including 26-year-old actor Sean from his first marriage to Cassandra Harris, who died in 1991.“I try to maintain some kind of semblance of life,” he said. “Outside of work, I read, paint and pick the boys up from school.” But still, he is James Bond. “I was James Bond - but once James Bond always James Bond. It’s a small group of men now who have played this character and I have nothing but gratitude for that time in life.”
“The Ghost Writer” opens Friday.

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