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Pierce Brosnan love Kelly Saye Smith

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The famous actor Pierce Brosnan is visiting the beach Kauai in the Hawaii very often as Hawaii is one of his favourite places. There he spend long pleasant times with his family and his wife Kelly Saye Smith. Brosnan and Kelly Saye Smith going together everywhere ,in the beach , in Premiers and in many public celebrations. As is known Kelly faces the problem of obesity which influences also her exterior appearance. However Pierce Brosnan declared that he will continue to love his wife whatever her appearance may looks like and it won`t influence negatively their perfect relationship in any case.
Nevertheless a lot of means of briefing do not respect Brosnan`s family and write depreciatory comments about them. Many times in deed , they demonstrate photographs of Brosnan with his wife on the beach, writing negatively and malignant comments about the the appearance of his wife who was very beautiful before the problem of obesity. Is it so bad that a Hollywood star loves his family and his wife despite the problem she face and he is trying to face this problem together like a real and lovely family as they are. A lot of wedded stars of Hollywood are known for their divorces and because they don`t care about their family and their children. So it`s not right and fair to blame a modest and landed man who had never bother anyone with his behaviour while at the same time he is a member of many charitably and animal`s institutions only because he loves his family and trying to protect it.

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