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Mamma Mia

So maybe the lady was indiscreet, but there's no denying the public has succumbed to the charms of the new film Mamma Mia.
The buoyant tale of a single mom (Meryl Streep), her altar-bound daughter (Amanda Seyfried) and a trio of mom's ex-beaux is the perfect antidote to a procession of summer superhero popcorn flicks.
Numbered among candidates vying for the honor of walking his daughter down the aisle is Pierce Brosnan, who traded in his customary designer tux for spandex. Amused by the notion that he's done a "light entertainment musical," the handsome leading man with the finely chiseled face recalled, "When my agent called all I heard was the name Meryl Streep, and Greece. I didn't ask how much or even who I was playing. That came later. I just wanted to work with this wonderful actress."
Except for snippets of "Irish pub songs" in the 2002 Indie film Evelyn in which he portrayed an unemployed single father named Desmond Doyle, Brosnan had never sung in public, much less carried the weight of a showstopper tune like ABBA's "SOS."
"Fear will drive you to great lengths to try and get something perfect. At first, I just made noises. My family tried to be supportive, but it was clear that my kids were very worried when they first heard me sing. I'd sing when I drove them to school, at the ocean, anywhere," he admitted.
"I don't think I have ever been so nervous about a job. In the end, I just surrendered to the whole experience, and had a great time doing it. It's actually quite exhilarating to sing and to express your emotions that way."

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